Laboratory Developed Tests Roadmap and IVD Vendors

Posted on December 13 2016 by J Seabrook

MPLN follows a development process for laboratory developed tests. A phased approach is useful for organizing and assessing the performance of an assay. 

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Concordance of three different PD-L1 diagnostic tests - update

Posted on December 07 2016 by J Seabrook

Concordance of three different PD-L1 diagnostic assays (1)

MPLN’s PD-L1 assay, the Ventana SP263, was included in the concordance study of three PD-L1 Diagnostic Tests by AstraZeneca and results reported at Read more

CAP Today Reports on Epi proColon Assay for Colon Cancer Screening

Posted on December 06 2016 by J Seabrook

A recent article by Anne Paxton in CAP Today (November 2016)  discusses the FDA approval of the Epigenomics Epi proColon® assay for colon cancer screening. MPLN's Dr. Nicholas Potter explains the series of events and the study data from…
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MPLN presents IgVH NGS at AMP 2016

Posted on November 21 2016 by J Seabrook

Genomics team members from MPLN, Inc. including Isabel Hubbard, M.Sc., and Drs. Alice Layton and Bevan Tandon recently presented at the 2016 Association for Molecular Pathology annual meeting on the relative utility of Next Generation Sequencing for…
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MPLN attending AMP 2016 showcasing IgVH SHM by NGS

Posted on November 10 2016 by J Seabrook

Meet MPLN's Dr. Bevan Tandon at Poster H50 for discussions on IgVH Somatic Hypermutation (SHM) by NGS.

Using a next generation sequencing-based approach to IgVH SHM detection, the MPLN methodology utilizes patient DNA as a sample starting…
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