MPLN expands their oncology offering in CLL/SLL with IgVH Somatic Hypermutation by NGS

Posted on October 19 2016 by Jonathan Mulkey

CLL/SLL is the most common leukemia diagnosed among adults in Western countries and is associated with heterogeneous clinical outcomes.  IgVH somatic hypermutation (SHM) status is a primary component of the CLL International Prognostic Index…
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MPLN partners with ArcherDX to offer ArcherĀ® NGS assays to global biopharma

Posted on July 19 2016 by J Seabrook

Boulder, COLORADO – ArcherDX, Inc., has announced that Molecular Pathology Laboratory Network, Inc. (MPLN) is now a Certified Service Provider of Archer® FusionPlex® NGS assays. MPLN will offer a custom sarcoma analysis service that…
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MPLN Expands Cystic Fibrosis Offering with Mutation Detection by Next Generation Sequencing

Posted on June 29 2016 by J Seabrook

MPLN expands cystic fibrosis offering with a comprehensive range of molecular testing options to support all clinically relevant indications for CFTR testing. MPLN’s offering includes testing for screening, diagnostic and therapeutic applications…
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MPLN expands Next Generation Sequencing offering with Solid Tumor Panels

Posted on September 28 2015 by J Seabrook

MARYVILLE, Tenn. – (Sept 17, 2015) – Molecular Pathology Laboratory Network (MPLN) today announced that it is expanding its integrated oncology specialty testing offering to include Next Generation Sequencing assays for solid tumor. The…
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Advancing Pathology and Cancer Research with NGS illumina Webinar Sep 23rd 2015

Posted on September 14 2015 by J Seabrook

Join Jamie Platt PhD, Vice President, Genomic Solutions, for a webinar on Advancing Pathology and Cancer research as she discusses the benefits of integrating NGS into clinical oncology research.

Dr. Platt will present an overview of the utility,…
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