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Chromosome Analysis Products of Conception

Test Code


Test Synonyms

Chromosome analysis, cytogenetic analysis, karyotyping


POC, chorionic villus, fetal tissue, skin biopsy


Analysis of cultured cells using G-bandings

Turnaround Time

14 days.  Note: slow growing cultures for products of conception are held for 21 days

Specimen Requirements

Tissue from product of conception (fetal)
1 cm^3 skin biopsy

    Specimen Stability
    Stable for 48 hours at 4-25°C
    Storage & Handling

    Ship with a cool pack (refrigerated).
    Call before sending specimen on Friday
    Ship Saturday for Monday delivery
    Protect specimen from extreme temperature

    Causes for Rejection

    Specimen exposed to extreme temperature; Insufficient number of cells; Specimen exposed to formalin or other fixative

    Reference Range

    See report


    Solid tissue specimens largely include fetal and neonatal deaths or spontaneous abortions where a chromosome abnormality is suspected, or abortus material for confirmation of a chromosome abnormality. Also referred to as solid tissue, specimens are skin biopsies from patients with suspected inborn errors of metabolism where cells are grown primarily for enzymatic assay, or from patients with known or suspected chromosome mosaicism.

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