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Chromosome Analysis Lymphoma (Lymph Node)

Test Code


Test Synonyms

Chromosome analysis, cytogenetic analysis, karyotyping




Analysis of cultured cells using G-bandings

Turnaround Time

5-7 days

Specimen Requirements

5 mm^3 solid tumor in sterile transport media

Specimen Stability
Stable for 48 hours at 4-25°C.
Storage & Handling

Ship with a cool pack (refrigerated).
Call before sending specimen on Friday
Ship Saturday for Monday delivery, and protect specimen from extreme temperature

Causes for Rejection

Specimen exposed to extreme temperature; Insufficient number of cells; Specimen exposed to formalin or other fixative

Reference Range

See report.


Detection of an abnormal chromosome clone is generally evidence of a clonal neoplastic process; rarely it may be associated with an unrelated congenital non-neoplastic abnormality. Certain abnormal chromosomes may also be associated with a morphological classification, however a normal karyotype does not exclude a neoplastic process.

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