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Test Code

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Test Synonyms

Fluorescent in situ Hybridization, FISH

Test Code Description
F 4Q12 FIP1L1/PDGFRA 4q12 rearrangement
F 7q Deletion 7q22
F ALK ALK 2p23 rearrangment
F AML ETO AML1/ETO, t(8;21)
F API MALT API2/MALT1 t(11;18)
F ATM ATM/CEP 11 deletion 11q22.3
F BCL1 BCL1(CCND1)/IGH t(11;14)
F BCL2 BCL2; IGH/BCL2  t(14;18)
F BCL6 BCL6 3q27 rearrangement
F BCR ABL BCR/ABL1 t(9;22)
F CBFB CBFB t(16;16) and inv(16)
F CMYC CMYC 8q24 rearrangement
F D1314 Deletion 13q14.3
F D20 Deletion 20q12
F EGR1 EGR1 5q delection, monosomy 5
F GLI Oligodendroglioma, deletion 1p36, 19q13
F HER2 HER2/neu breast
F HER2 GA HER2/neu gastric
F IGH IGH 14q32 rearrangement
F FGFR3 IGH/FGFR3 t(4;14) 
F IGH MAF IGH/MAF t(14;16)
F IGH MALT IGH/MALT1 (t(14;18)
F MALT MALT1 18q21 rearrangement
F MLL MLL 11q23 rearrangement
F MYB MYB 6q deletion
F P53 TP53 deletion 17p13
F PDGFRB PDGRRB rearrangement
F SYT SYT 18q11.2
F TEL AML1 TEL/AML1 t(12;21)
F T12 Trisomy 12
F T8 Trisomy 8
F T5T9T15 Trisomy 5, 9 and 15
F URO Bladder cancer +3, +7, +17, 9p21-



Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH)

Turnaround Time

3 -5 days

Specimen Requirements

2.0 mL (min. 1.0 mL) peripheral blood in sodium heparin preferred, EDTA accepted
1.0 mL (min. 0.5 mL) bone marrow in sodium heparin preferred, EDTA accepted
5 mm^3 fresh tissue in MPLN RPMI media
3.0 mL (min. 2.0 mL) FNA in MPLN RPMI media
10% neutral buffered formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue

Specimen Stability
Peripheral blood and bone marrow stable at 18-25°C for 72 hours Fresh tissue or FNA at 2-8°C stable for 72 hours
Storage & Handling

Whole blood and bone marrow, ship ambient
Fresh tissue, FNA or paraffin embedded tissue, ship in a Styrofoam container with a cool/refrigerated pack (Do not allow cool pack to directly contact sample.)

Causes for Rejection

Clotted specimen; Specimen exposed to extreme temperature; Anticoagulant toxic to cells; Insufficient number of cells; Improper fixative

Reference Range

See report.


Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) performed on interphase cells.