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Specimen Logistics

Specimen Logistics

Specimen Requirements and Collection

To make your search for specific test information such as specimen recommendations, turnaround times, stability, storage, and transportation as fast and easy as possible, we developed these easy-to-use specimen requirement tables.

If you need additional test information, please visit our online test menu, or contact a Client Services Specialist at 865.380.9746.

Specimen Recommendations

Instructions for Specimen Collection (PDF)

Instructions for bone marrow collection and transport kit
MPLN RPMI transport media check (MAR2019)
Specimen collection for quantitative PCR assay for MRD
STD specimen collection
ThinPrep UroCyte™ urine collection website


Requisitions and Forms

General requisitions for oncology testing, pathology, immunohistochemistry, and women's health testing are available by calling a Client Services Specialist. Customized requisitions tailored to our client's specific test ordering patterns are also available. For more information about customized test requisitions, please contact a Client Services Specialist at 865.380.9746.

Test Ordering Forms (PDF)

Add-on / cancel test request form (MAR2019)

Requisitions (PDF)

Women’s health

Shipping Instructions and Supplies

All packages containing diagnostic/clinical specimens must be prepared and shipped to MPLN in accordance with International Air Transport Association (IATA) Packing Instruction 650. Therefore, we provide an assortment of IATA compliant boxes and packing supplies to our clients at no charge.

High Temperatures and Sample Quality

It is very important to remember that heat is a major factor in sample degradation. Sample quality and the ability to obtain reliable laboratory results can be negatively affected.

Increased protection from high temperatures is critical when packaging samples. Be sure all samples are sent at ambient temperature, including paraffin blocks, and are packaged with a cool pack. It is also important to take precautions to ensure the sample is not in direct contact with the cool pack. (Insulate the sample by wrapping in a protective material such as a paper towel.)

If you have questions or need cool packs, please call a Client Services Specialist at 865-380-9746.

Packing and Shipping Instructions (PDF)

Specimen Packing Instructions (MAR2019)
Clinical specimen transport regulations (IATA 650)
FedEx shipping pointers for clinical specimens

Shipping Supplies

MPLN provides specimen collection supplies, freezer gel packs, biohazard specimen transport bags and an assortment of boxes and packing containers to our clients at no charge.

If you need supplies, please complete the order request form and submit it to MPLN by fax at 865-273-1129 or send it via email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). You may also contact Client Services for assistance via phone at 865-380-9746.

Client supply order request form (new MAR2019)