Partners in Oncology, Pathology and Diagnostics

Being ready for changes in healthcare delivery and personalized medicine will help improve competitiveness in a market where large reference laboratories are vying for patient samples, hospitals are consolidating physician practices, diagnostic centers and other outsourced services, and diagnostic manufacturers are offering laboratory services for their own commercial products. MPLN can help develop your laboratory operation to bring on new tests and technologies.With more than two decades experience, MPLN can offer our vast resources and knowledge toward getting started in flow cytometry or molecular diagnostics; we provide consultation and laboratory management options; we can also work with your existing infrastructure and personnel or provide total laboratory operation.

MPLN and Geneuity can assist medical device and drug discovery companies to expand their product portfolio through validation of new biomarkers or companion diagnostics. With experience in FDA data presentation MPLN can support your IVD / PMA application.

Our Partners Program offers clinical laboratory, clinical research, and business expertise in molecular pathology.

Pathology, Oncology & Technical Services

  • Technical or professional service partner
  • On-site laboratory management for flow cytometry
  • Molecular diagnostic startup support
  • Test menu assessment
  • Technology & platform assessment
  • Testing implementation support
  • Technical training and validation
  • Mock inspections for CAP compliance
  • IT software and support

Clinical Research Services

  • Companion diagnostic reference laboratory commercial partner
  • Companion diagnostic validation
  • Biomarker assay assessment
  • IVD data collection
  • Patient recruitment screening

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