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Indications for Chromosome Analysis

Prenatal Chromosome Analysis
Advanced maternal age - Mothers 35 years of age and older are at increased risk of having a child with Down syndrome or other chromosome disorder.
Abnormal maternal serum screening
Abnormal fetal ultrasound
Previous pregnancy or child with a chromosome abnormality
Chromosome abnormality in either parent
Family history of a chromosome disorder
History of multiple miscarriages
History of infertility
Parental Chromosome Analysis
Previous pregnancy or child with a structural chromosome abnormality
Family history of a chromosome disorder
Multiple miscarriages
Postnatal Chromosome Analysis
Embryo, fetus, stillborn, or live-born with congenital anomalies
Products of conception
Hydropic placenta

Prenatal Diagnostics Tests

Chromosome Analysis Peripherial Blood (Constitutional)

Cri-du-Chat / SOTOS Syndrome by FISH*

DiGeorge/Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome deletion 22q11.2 by FISH*

Kallmann Syndrome deletion Xp22.3 by FISH*

Miller-Dieker Syndrome / Lissencephaly deletion 17p13.3 by FISH*

Phelan-McDermid Syndrome, deletion 22q13 by FISH*

Prader-Willi Syndrome deletion 15q11 by FISH*

Smith-Magenis Syndrome deletion 17p11.2 by FISH*

SRY/CEP X deletion Yp11.3 by FISH*

Steroid Sulfatase Deficiency deletion Xp22, x-linked ichthyosis by FISH*

Trisomy 21 by FISH*

Williams Syndrome deletion 7q11.2 by FISH*

Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome deletion 4p16.3 by FISH*