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Chromosome Analysis Lymphoma (Lymph Node)

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Test Synonyms

Chromosome analysis, cytogenetic analysis, karyotyping




Analysis of cultured cells using G-bandings

Turnaround Time

5-7 days

Specimen Requirements

10 mm lymph node sample in at least 4 mL tissue culture transport media (RPMI) using 10 mL sterile transport tube
Fixed cytogenetically prepared cells in sterile centrifuge tube with 3:1, Methanol:Acetic Acid. Pellet must be visible for the volume part and the medium part 3:1, Methanol:Acetic Acid.

Specimen Stability
4°C to 25°C, specimens are stable up to 72 hours
Fixed cell pellets are stable for years when stored at -28°C to 15°C
Storage & Handling

4°C to 25°C during transit, but specimens may be transported on refrigerated gel packs. Do not allow the gel pack to come in contact with the specimen. Do not freeze. Extreme temperatures should be avoided.

Causes for Rejection

Specimen exposed to extreme temperature; Insufficient number of cells; Specimen exposed to formalin or other fixative

Reference Range

See report.


Detection of an abnormal chromosome clone is generally evidence of a clonal neoplastic process; rarely it may be associated with an unrelated congenital non-neoplastic abnormality. Certain abnormal chromosomes may also be associated with a morphological classification, however a normal karyotype does not exclude a neoplastic process.

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