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Test Code

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Test Synonyms

Fluorescent in situ Hybridization, FISH

Test Code Description
F 4Q12 FIP1L1/PDGFRA 4q12 rearrangement
F 7q Deletion 7q22
F ALK, FP ALK ALK 2p23 rearrangment
F AML ETO AML1/ETO, t(8;21)
FP ANEU* Molar Pregnancy Panel +13, +18, +21,X,Y 
F API MALT*, FP API MALT* API2/MALT1 t(11;18)(q22;q21)
F AS* Angelman Syndrome deletion 15q11-13
F ATM ATM/CEP 11 deletion 11q22.3
F BCL1, FP BCL1 BCL1(CCND1)/IGH t(11;14)
F BCL2, FP BCL2 BCL2; IGH/BCL2  t(14;18)
F BCL6, FP BCL6 BCL6 3q27 rearrangement
F BCR ABL BCR/ABL1 t(9;22)
F BURKITT, FP BURKITT Burkitt/“Double Hit” Large B-cell Lymphoma Panel 
F CBFB CBFB t(16;16) and inv(16)
F CLL Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) Panel
F CMYC, FP CMYC CMYC 8q24 rearrangement
F D1314 Deletion 13q14.3
F D20 Deletion 20q12
F Del5p* Cri-du-Chat / SOTOS Syndrome
FP EGFR* EGFR amplification (7p11.2)
F EGR1 EGR1 5q delection, monosomy 5
F FGFR3 IGH/FGFR3 t(4;14) 
F GLI*, FP GLI* Oligodendroglioma, deletion 1p36, 19q13
FP HER2 HER2/neu breast
FP HER2 GA HER2/neu gastric
F IGH*, FP IGH* IGH 14q32 rearrangement
F IGH MAF IGH/MAF t(14;16)
F KAL* Kallmann Syndrome deletion Xp22.3
F LIS* Miller-Dieker Syndrome / Lissencephaly deletion 17p13.3
F MALT, FP MALT MALT1 18q21 rearrangement
F MDS Myelodsyplasia Panel
F MLL MLL 11q23 rearrangement
F MM Plasma Cell Neoplasms 
F MPD Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Panel 
F MYB MYB 6q deletion
F P53 TP53 deletion 17p13
F PDGFRB PDGRRB rearrangement
F PMS* Phelan-McDermid Syndrome, deletion 22q13
F PWS* Prader-Willi Syndrome deletion 15q11
FP ROS1 ROS1 6q22.1 rearrangement
F SRY* SRY region, Yp11.3/Xp11.1q11.1
F STS* Steroid Sulfatase Deficiency deletion Xp22, x-linked ichthyosis 
F SYT* SYT 18q11.2
F TEL AML1* TEL/AML1 t(12;21)
F T5T9T15 Trisomy 5, 9 and 15
F T8 Trisomy 8
F T12 Trisomy 12
F T21* Trisomy 21
F URO Bladder cancer +3, +7, +17, 9p21-
F WH* Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome deletion 4p16.3
F WIL* Williams Syndrome deletion 7q11.2



Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH)
*Performed by affiliate laboratory
FP = stipulates FFPE or paraffin embedded tissue acceptable specimen type

Turnaround Time

3 -5 days

Specimen Requirements

5mL peripheral blood in sodium heparin
3mL bone marrow in sodium heparin
Fixed cytogenetically prepared cells in sterile centrifuge tube with pellet visible in 3:1, Methanol:Acetic Acid

FFPE tissue is acceptable for FISH analysis. Preferred fixative is 10% neutral buffered formalin. Tissues preserved in B5 fixative or decalcified are usually not suitable for FISH. Tumor sections cut 3-5 µm thick and mounted on positively charged organosilane coated (silanized) slides work well. Request several unstained sections (two for each probe) and one H&E stained slide

Specimen Stability
Blood and bone marrow = 4°C to 25°C, specimens are stable up to 72 hours
Fixed cell pellets are stable for years when stored at -28°C to 15°C
FFPE Stable indefinitely when stored at 20°C to 25°C
Storage & Handling

4°C to 25°C during transit, but specimens may be transported on refrigerated gel packs. Do not allow the gel pack to come in contact with the specimen. Do not freeze. Extreme temperatures should be avoided.

Causes for Rejection

Clotted specimen; Specimen exposed to extreme temperature; Anticoagulant toxic to cells; Insufficient number of cells; Improper fixative

Reference Range

See report.


Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) performed on interphase cells.