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KIT Mutations in AML

Test Code


Test Synonyms

KIT exon 8, or exon 17 mutation


Fragment analysis and sequencing

Turnaround Time

12-14 days

Specimen Requirements

5 mL ( min.3 mL) whole blood or 3 mL (min.1 mL) bone marrow EDTA

Specimen Stability
Stable at 18-25°C for 24 hours Stable at 4°C for up to 5 day
Storage & Handling

Ship at ambient temperature, cool in summer. (Do not allow cool/refrigerated pack to directly contact sample.)

Causes for Rejection

Serum or plasma; Frozen or clotted specimens; Specimens collected in anticoagulants other than EDTA; Severely hemolyzed specimens.

Reference Range

Detected − KIT exon 8 or 17 mutation detected

Detects mutations in exon 17 in specimens with at least 30% AML cells carrying the mutation
Detects mutations in exon 8 in specimens with at least 5% AML cells carrying the mutation


Associated with less favorable outcome. TKIs may be useful in conjunction with standard chemotherapy