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Neisseria Gonorrhoeae (NG) Qualitative by Aptima COMBO® 2 TMA

Test Code



Transcription mediated amplification (TMA)

Turnaround Time

1-3 days

Specimen Requirements

3.0 mL ThinPrep® PAP solution or SurePath™  Test Pack solution
1.0 mL liquid cytology media (ThinPrep or SurePath)
One cervical or urethral swab collected with APTIMA Unisex Swab Specimen Collection (WHITE) Kit
2.0 mL urine transferred to APTIMA urine specimen transport (YELLOW) tube

Specimen Stability
ThinPrep/SurePath - 30 days from collection at 18-25°C. Specimens are kept for 21 days after receipt
Swabs stable at 2-30°C for 60 days from collection
Urine stable at 2-30°C for 24 hours from collection; 30 days after transfer to APTIMA urine transport (YELLOW) tube
Storage & Handling

Transport and store all specimens at 2-30°C.

Causes for Rejection

Insufficient specimen volume
No swab in transport tube
Urine specimens >24 hours old unless transferred to APTIMA urine transport (YELLOW) tube

Reference Range

Detected/Not Detected


Intended for use as a screening test for evidence of Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection.

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