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Genomic testing evaluates sets of genes and gene interactions with respect to disease processes and treatment, especially applied in cancer prediction, diagnostics, prognostics and treatment selection.

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is the use of genetic information in tailoring or predicting drug response whereas Pharmacogenetics associates drug interaction with an individual's genotype.

The coupling of genomic or genetic testing with the use of FDA-approved drugs results in a companion diagnostic where the drug targets a certain marker or genetic mutation associated with a patient's response. For a current listing of FDA approved companion diagnostics click here.

Genomics Tests

A-Z Molecular Diagnostic Oncology Tests

ALK 2p23 rearrangement by FISH

ALK Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase -1 by IHC

AML Mutation Analysis Panel

ATM/CEP11 deletion 11q22.3 by FISH

BCR/ABL qRT PCR, Major p210 and Minor p190 Mutations, Minimal Residual Disease

BCR/ABL1 t(9;22) by FISH

BRAF Mutation Analysis by Next Generation Sequencing

c-kit protein by IHC

Colon Cancer Panel by Next Generation Sequencing

EGFR amplification (7p11.2) by FISH*

EGFR Mutation Analysis by Next Generation Sequencing

EGR1 5q deletion, monosomy 5 by FISH

Estrogen Progesterone Receptors by IHC


HER2 Gastric by IHC

HER2/neu breast cancer by FISH

HER2/neu gastric cancer by FISH

IgVH Somatic Hypermutation by Next Generation Sequencing

JAK2 V617F Mutation Analysis by PCR

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