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Digital Pathology & KOL network

We have an experienced Key opinion leader (KOL) network that is spread across two continents and multiple countries. We bring you experienced pathologists together to support your clinical trials worldwide. Our KOL experts cover hematopathology, molecular genetic pathology, surgical pathology expertise, solid tumor oncology, GI pathology, cytology, and dermatology.

Harnessing the power of our Aperio Digital Pathology Imaging System, we can connect this expertise into a seamless global network to rapidly read and report data from your clinical specimens. Our system can allow multiple or blinded pathology reads, plus adjudication. Data can also be exported to image analysis and AI-type algorithm systems such as Visiopharm and Halo Digital Analysis Platform.

Digital imaging also brings our clients new possibilities to support decentralized clinical trials and reduce the logistics costs of shipping glass slides around the world.

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Aperio Digital Pathology Imaging Systems & Workflow Solutions
Aperio Digital Pathology Imaging Systems & Workflow Solutions

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