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Over two decades of experience and over 400+ studies completed in Phase I-IV clinical trials support. We bring a unique combination of understanding the disease mechanism and translating this to the specific needs of a clinical trial. Our experienced pathologists and scientists ensure the most appropriate regulatory-valid testing and high-quality results are produced, evidenced by our compliance with CAP/CLIA and ISO 15189 accreditation as well as applicable state licensures. Further, our experienced project and data managers work hard to deliver timely data on complex trials to help hit patient recruitment targets and to present a successful FDA submission packet, minimizing risks of rejection and the cost of the study.

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Geneuity Clinical Research Services is a DBA wholly owned by Molecular Pathology Laboratory, Inc (MPLN) that encompasses the commercial operations, data management, and project services branches specific to the clinical research services division. The MPLN lab performs all testing services and handles all specimen logistic requirements.

Therapeutic Expertise

We offer a unique combination of understanding the disease mechanism and the ability to expertly apply it to diagnostic patient care and clinical trial studies.

Our pathologists and scientist have a deep domain knowledge and understanding in a range of therapeutic areas that include, solid tumor oncology, (NSCLC, head and neck, prostate, breast and ovariancancers), hematopathology, (AML, MDS, CLL, MM), GI pathology, (liver, NASH, cytology, urology), and dermatopathology. In addition, we have extensive experience in infectious disease, immunology and inflammation, genetic and rare diseases, renal, cardiac, musculoskeletal, pulmonary, and sepsis indications.

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Our expert group of board-certified pathologists and scientists can help assess biomarkers and complex molecular pathology testing panels for patient recruitment, stratification, and ongoing trial safety monitoring. Our team has over three decades of experience in operation as a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited molecular diagnostic laboratory, providing a consultative and unique approach to clinical trials R&D and IVD study laboratory testing.

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