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MPLN's Genomic Services complements the management and care of your patients. Practicing evidence based, precise and predictable diagnostics MPLN provides actionable information to help select the most appropriate treatment while reducing overall cost of care. MPLN's streamlined approach to laboratory medicine now includes the additional capability of tumor profiling; MPLN, using DNA sequencing technology, can pinpoint somatic and germline mutations, gene expression and epigenetics changes. Understanding these changes may lead to a more accurate diagnosis, a clearer prognosis and selection of targeted therapies that can benefit the patient.

Selection of targeted therapies goes beyond just cancer treatment, with the identification of genes that confer low or high response to drugs impacting a wide range of disorders. The patient can now be offered the right dosage of medication to mitigate adverse events. The most common genes evaluated for drug response include cytochrome P450 which impacts drug metabolism or toxicity of more than 80% of prescription drugs
(Pharmacogenet Genomics. 2008 18:11-24).

Genomics also support the understanding of many gene abnormalities associated with genetic diseases. Cystic fibrosis by Illumina MiSeqDx is the first FDA cleared in vitro diagnostic Next Generation Sequencing platform offering a complete solution for accurate, comprehensive cystic fibrosis testing, providing detection of 139 CFTR variants, the largest panel of clinically relevant and functionally verified variants as defined in the CFTR2 database.
Sosnay et al. (2013) Defining the disease liability of variants in the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator gene.Nat Genet. 45(10):1160-7

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