Patient Focused

Actionable personalized results for better patient outcomes is at the center of MPLN's oncology program. Partnering with MPLN enables clinicians to access specialty and genomic testing to profile their patients cancer and manage appropriate treatment regimens, including selection for clinical trials based on the patient's genetic makeup.

With the latest technologies in sequencing, DNA analysis, fluorescence in situ hybridization, and flow cytometry, our hematopathologists have precise information to provide diagnostic, risk stratification, treatment selection, and clinical course monitoring. MPLN practices evidence-based medicine, delivering comprehensive integrated analyses while saving time and cost.

StrataFLEX Approach

MPLN is a leader in the implementation of patient-specific reflex testing (StrataFLEX) that strategically moves clinicians through the laboratory process, addressing each stage of patient management in a consultative, timely, and cost-effective manner. Strategic step-by-step testing addresses current, targeted therapies and maximizes information for the clinician. Through StrataFLEX, diagnosis is first achieved, while simultaneously focusing on prognostic and therapy-related information, setting the stage to monitor the patient over the course of treatment.

Companion Diagnostics and Targeted Therapies

Pharma is embracing the co-development of companion diagnostics and targeted therapies, tailoring treatments to specific sub-populations. New technologies and tools implemented by MPLN to screen, diagnose earlier, predict, and monitor the course of a disease, ensure the most appropriate, timely, and safe use of these therapies. MPLN diligently adheres to guidelines, competence, and quality metrics for patient workup, and actively engages in discussions of clinical diagnostic utility on a patient by patient basis with physicians.

Our Evidence Based Menu Offers the Latest Technologies and Assays:

  • Flow cytometry
  • Multiplex PCR
  • Quantitaive PCR
  • Microarray
  • SNP/point mutation detection
  • Karyotype
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Chromogenic in situ hybridization
  • Minimal residual disease detection
  • Leukemia Lymphoma analysis
  • Gene sequencing and mutation analysis
  • Biomarker analysis on peripheral blood,bone marrow and tissue
  • Surgical pathology with expertise in breast, hematologic and gastrointestinal pathology
  • Tumor board participation with case presentation and consultative services for both hematopathology and surgical pathology

Pathology Leadership

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark Stonecypher leads MPLN's experienced team of Pathologists. He is board certified in hematopathology as well as anatomic and clinical pathology. A well-respected industry leader, Dr. Stonecypher's team of physicians are accessible at any given time to assist and serve you.

  • Evidence-based testing that saves time and money
  • Streamlined ordering and reporting provides a complete diagnostic picture
  • Consultations and multidisciplinary concordance
  • One source for all complementary testing technologies
  • Single-page case summary of all findings - comprehensive, easy to read format

Oncology Testing Resources

Flow Cytometry Flyer.pdf  (DEC2018)

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