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ALK Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase -1 by IHC

Test Code



Anaplastic large cell Lymphoma



Turnaround Time

2 days

Specimen Requirements

Paraffin embedded tissue block
3 slides (3-5 uM) per marker on adhesion glass

Specimen Stability
Indefinitely at room temperature
Storage & Handling

Ship ambient. Protect from extreme temperature with an ice pack. Separate ice pack from specimen.

Causes for Rejection

Inadequate fixation; Improper labeling


Anaplastic lymphoma kinase-1 recognizes a formalin resistant epitope in both the p80 protein, identified as a hybrid of the anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) protein and the nucleophosmin (NPM) protein and the 200 kD normal ALK proteins. ALK-1 may also recognize any ALK protein chimeric produced as a result of variant translocations involving the ALK gene on chromosome 2.
ALK-1 recognizes varying degrees of ALK expression in both the cytoplasm and nucleus of anaplastic lymphoma cells. ALK protein expression is substantially specific for anaplastic lymphomas, except for weak expression in some normal cells in the central nervous system including neurons, glial cells and endothelial cells. ALK expression may also be seen in inflammatory myofibroblastic tumors and rare rhabdomyosarcomas.

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